Welcome to the mum club!

  • I got a bob hair cut. Practical, easy to do a mum bun and away from tiny grabbing hands. This is also pretty much the number one reason I get teased by my siblings.
  • The lack of sleep in the beginning definitely drops you straight in the deep end of mum life.
  • My wardrobe - sensible with a side of comfy! As soon as I'm in the door its my comfies aka pjs, no bra in SIGHT! 
  • Nothing yells Soccer Mom like getting rid of your hatch and getting a 4WD.
  • Baby wipes cleaner of choice for EVERYTHING.
  • My neighbour continuously idling his noisy car absolutely grinds my gears! I know, this may bypass mum and go straight to nanna! 
  • My daily conversations are mostly baby babble.
  • Your boobs are the size of two mountains and your couch is stained with milk
  • Most of my friends have babies and I could happily talk baby until the cows come home.
  •  Travelling too far from my nest makes me nervous! I don't like going out on all day expeditions for fear of a grumpy baby.
  • I started a blog.... #mummyblogger! 
  • Sleep is more appealing than most things...sex, going out, eating, no take that back. Eating is too good! 
  • "Where is your F$%(-ing dummy?!" is regularly muttered under my breath.
  • My facebook feed is filled with babies, birth, pregnancy and slow cooker recipes
  • My drink of choice is tea and let that teabag sit for awhile because I need it strong!
  • Going to the supermarket is like a holiday. I read every ingredient and nutritional table just to catch five more minutes to myself!
  • I'm so much friendlier now, I could talk to anyone about just about anything. This may be because of my lack of adult interaction or maybe because my fall back topic is Oli and people just have to smile haha!
  • Showers are the ultimate get away. 
  • I suddenly feel very very sorry for my parents. My mum had five babies. New found respect. 
  • Clothes shopping is done in the kids section. No not because of my tiny figure (HAHA!) I prefer to buy clothes for Oli now, so much cuter than mum clothing!
  • Pulling an all nighter has a completely different meaning. 
  • Appointment times are irrelevant, we are constantly late to pretty much everything!
  • Leaving the house is a half day event.
  • Embarrassing moments are a regular occurrence... forgetting the nappy bag at important appointments just after the poop of the century...actually wanted to die.  
  • Pram watching. Maybe this is just me, but I have an interest in other mums choice of prams....trivial but oh so interesting!
  • It's highly unlikely that I will ever wear my very short tie dyed pink mini shorts ever again. The fact that they probably won't ever fit is irrelevant, theres something about being someones mum and having my bum almost showing off is super cringeworthy.  
  • Caring about someone else more than myself. A completely foreign concept before baby! 
  • I go to bed singing songs from ABC kids, 'watermelon, watermelon you love, I love watermelon!!'
  • Our lounge room looks like a aisle in toy world
  • Most of my day is spent on my hands and knees picking up food
  • The highlight of my week is swimming lessons
  • Having someone elses poo on my bare hands rarely phases me these days. Well by someone else I clearly mean OLI! Anyone else's would be bloody disgusting! 


And I wouldn't change a single thing! Hope this gave you a giggle! What are your mumma traits?