Pregnancy number 2

Wow. Just wow. I'm the first to admit I LOVE being pregnant. Overall I feel great, my confidence is boosted because I'm not worrying about my bloated tummy or what I eat - eek! Most of all the beautiful feeling of anticipation and excitement for a NEWBORN! Pregnancy is like having the baby but without having to really 'do' anything with it. It's the quietest and easiest it will ever be! People say 'Oh it will be so much better when the baby arrives because my back wont hurt/ill be able to move easier/ i wont feel sick' I say hell no sister!!! I'm keeping this little one cooking for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! In 10 weeks time the difficulty of my life is going to go up a level, I'm quite happy for the time to drag! 

In saying all of that, I must admit over the past few weeks I've found things have been getting very challenging. A few months back I ever so graciously flew through my laundry after leaning my entire weight on a baby gate. Thats where all my problems started! I fell so hard that I popped my sacroiliac joint out of place and now have a new bff - my physio! I have been seeing her more regularly than most of my family members. Back pain is truly the most debilitating thing in the world, I feel so sorry for anyone with chronic back pain because it is the pits. After 3 weeks of intense physio I got the all clear to have 3 weeks at home doing exercises and then come in for a follow up. Everything started off going great, no real pain just the odd twinge from carrying 12kg Oli around all day. I then started to get a bit lax with my excercises and stopped doing them because I thought I was cured. Fast forward to this afternoon...I'm pretty much crippled unable to move off the couch with a heat pack on my back. How did I get to this point I hear you ask? Well it all started thismorning after a lovely walk to our local Sunday markets for coffee and flowers.

How quaint it sounds! And for the most part it was, a relaxing stroll on a sunny day with Oli on his scooter and Ian and i hand in hand. Haha okay maybe not that quaint! After making our way through the market stalls Oli spots a kid eating a hot dog and very loudly starts yelling and pointing because he simply must have one for himself. Ian is also suddenly hit by the hotdog desire so heads over to the stall leaving me with Oli on his scooter, a bag of mandarins hanging on the handle, a bunch of flowers under one arm, and a danish and chai latte in the other hand.

Totally got this I'm thinking, all over it. UNTIL, Oli magically jumps off his scooter something he has NEVER been capable of doing and hightails in across the park! Theres a few  people around sitting on the grass who chuckle at his ability to get off his scooter so effortlessly. I casually laugh and start following him around. He is pretty fast so I end up deserting the scooter and mandarins as he is stomping through a flower bed and heading towards the public toilets. As I carefully make my way through the flower bed without trying to ruin 99% of the flowers he takes a quick left turn towards a passed out homeless man on the grass. Go go gadget el I ramp up the speed and as i do i feel myself begin to slip. Slip slip slip!! Crash oh my god this isnt happening! AGAIN?!?!?! How bloody old am i!!! I turned 25 last week not 75!!! People begin staring, a man is shouting, my attentive husband races from the hot dog stand to my aid. Oh wait that last bit is a typo! He hears quite the calamity and when he looks over he sees me clambering to my feet assuring onlookers that the heavily pregnant lady is alright. Mortifying I tell you! Bloody embarassing! Hilarious though. Until now of course. After cleaning most of the afternoon away I can barely walk to the kitchen, nesting plus a sore back. Not a good combo!