My pregnancy wardrobe essentials

I LOVED being pregnant. With the exception of an ultimate health kick a few years back, pregnancy would have to be the time I have felt most in love with my body. I felt absolutely gorgeous, 100% comfortable in my skin and amazed at all of the daily changes.

One of my favourite things to do was to dress my bump!  Suddenly I had all the confidence in the world and boy did I love to show off that belly! This post will cover my pregnancy wardrobe essentials. 

1.Mavi maternity jeans

I'm not ashamed to admit it, almost 8 months on and I still LIVE in these jeans. They are on par with the comfort of leggings! I've never spent much money on jeans but I thought I would spoil my expanding belly on some Mavi's and boy am I glad I did! This is $140 well spent! The design of these jeans with the elastic panels is much more fitting than the traditional belly band. They never felt tight on my belly or uncomfortable. The dark denim is perfect with any outfit and like I said I still wear them regularly! Click here for your pair!

Wearing my Mavi jeans at 19 weeks preggy!

Heading out to dinner, the jeans still fit!

2. Cotton on tanks/dresses

Being pregnant in the summer wasn't the most comfortable experience. I guess I was lucky in having Oli 6 weeks early so I wasn't huge over the Dec-Jan heatwave. Yay! I wasn't pregnant on christmas day. Pity I was spending the day in the NICU and not the pool eating prawns!  Anyway the beauty of the warmer weather is the bump is in full show! The long stretchy tanks/ dresses from cotton on were a staple for me as I got bigger. The $5 scarves were also a regular feature to brighten up my look! These are so comfy, the cotton and elastane mix is the ultimate comfort for a growing belly. The best thing about these dresses are they are cheap and you can wear them then chuck them if they are stretched, or keep them for breastfeeding/ post baby belly hiding! Check them out here

    A collage of my bump!! The blue is a bit warped but I was a few days off having Ol & my tummy was masssssive!

3. Cotton on baggy 'boyfriend' tee

Like the trusty cotton on dress these deep V tees are way up there for comfort and style. They also come in very handy when breastfeeding, just pop out a boob and your ready! None of this stretchy all your good shirts/dresses/jumpers or pulling up and getting the exposed belly. I have worn my purple boyfriend tee so much since pregnancy that my brother recently asked me if I had taken it off since November. Hehe no, to be quite honest I have without a doubt worn it at least every few days. Its borderline transparent and it smells like milk! Gross I know. Get yours here, trust me in saying you won't regret it!

                                              Sitting in hospital with Oli all day comfort was key!

                                                 Another cotton on tee, cropped style for easy breastfeeding

4. Leggings

Leggings are comfortable all year round. Regardless of pregnancy or not!! Who doesn't love a good pair of leggings! ONLY worn as leggings of course and not as pants because we all know that is wrong on so many levels. In saying that, yes I'm guilty of the sin. Nightly in fact because my cotton on body pj pants are leggings and I show my tooshie off all over the house, even outside, to check the mail, never to the shops. Ok...maybe once. I found during pregnancy I would just buy a large size and they would fit quite comfortably. Thats a given for all my 'maternity wear' I never bought anything from 'maternity' sections except my jeans & pjs. I think you can get away with buying things in larger sizes with some stretch without succumbing to the sometimes daggy maternity wear. I bought these cool skirt/leggings off ebay for only $5.99 and love them! The black are so versatile. 

Being silly with my brother comparing bumps

5. Peter Alexander pjs

As I've listed above I think I found some of the most comfy clothing that a pregnant chick could want. In saying that, no clothing will be as comfy as Peter Alexander maternity PJs. These hands down are the winner. I was lucky enough to be gifted TWO pairs of PA pjs during my pregnancy. The first was a gorgeous nightie from my besty which I actually was wearing when I gave birth! The second pair was a top & shorts set from my sister. These shorts were my absolute heaven every arvo after work! Straight out of my scrubs, shower and into my cotton on boyfriend tee and my PA shorts!! These were last years summer collection but do yourself a favour and click here to peruse the current maternity range.