Our wedding

Our two year anniversary is today so for something a little different I thought I would do a post about our wedding. We were engaged in July 2012 and married in November of the same year. I started my midwifery course in July also so things were INSANE for those few months. My sister was moving away thats why there was such a rush! Instead of me rambling on about every little detail I created a template and will pop in photos throughout. 

My dress was by the insanely talented Anna Campbell. I tried on quite a few meringue style dresses and they just didn't feel right. As soon as I came across Anna's designs online I knew I wanted one of her dresses. I sourced my dress through a boutique in Fremantle and as soon as I saw it, I was IN LOVE! The detail in the gown is incredible. I would have happily walked around backwards all day because I think the back is just gorgeous.

I bought my shoes online of all places Shoebuy! I still love them to death! The jewels match perfectly with my dress and the satin closed in toes have an air of elegance about them. Theres something about silk bows that I just love. The fake red soles got me in too! Just incredibly beautiful! These are the only similar ones I could find on the site as it was quite some time ago now.

Bridesmaids dresses
I had my two beautiful sisters and my best friend as my bridesmaids. It helps that they are all gorgeous and slim so they looked perfect in their dresses! I chose a deep purple long chiffon gown with one shoulder strap. Purple is my favourite colour and it looked devine against the green garden setting and the ocean where we got our photos taken. 

Hair & Make up
We had our hair and makeup done at Morgan Annie in Albany. The girls there were so great leading up to and on my big day.They also only use natural products that were created by the owner Kylie which is something that I loved. I knew I wanted my hair up to show off the back of my dress and some kind of braid. I loved my make up! Its not often the opportunity arises (well for me anyway!) to get so dressed up so I was in heaven! 


My bouquet...gasp! It was drop dead gorgeous. I told Lindy from Lush floral designs that I loved peonies and my goodness did she deliver! In the morning my flowers were arrived I just couldn't stop looking at them! It made everything feel so real. I wish I got to spend more time with my bouquet! Haha how funny is that sentence? But very true, I'm glad my mums house was filled with all our beautiful flowers in the days following so they were fully appreciated! For our marquee we were going for a DIY, rustic kind of feel so we picked all our own flowers for the tables from our gardens. 

For my wedding ring I got a delicate white gold band with lots of teeny tiny diamonds. I wanted something small so I never have to take it off! Working as a nurse I cant wear my engagement ring which is huge so I chose something sedate! Together and now with my matching eternity ring they make a beautiful set. 

Ian's ring is like nothing I have seen before. We found it online from an Etsy shop called JewellerybyJohan and its made of wood and titanium. This fits Ian to a tee as I always love to tease him about his love of wood, being a chippy and all! I just love it for something out of the ordinary, he hates jewellery so this was a great option. Johan even has rings made from meteorites! 


When we were trying to decide on a location for our wedding we knew that we wanted to get married in Albany, our hometown. We met & fell in love (aww!) there and we feel such a connection to the place with our families and many of our friends still living there. I started to look at venues and nothing really suited, until it came to me! Ian's sister has an amazing property and garden. Perfect for a wedding! We hired a marquee and had an outdoor ceremony. I think the pictures speak for themselves, it was a beautiful day around 26 degrees. Kelly & Steve went above and beyond! Everything looked perfect. Kelly & Steve have now started Twisted Willow chalets on their property and will soon be opening their function centre for weddings etc. 

We had a marquee and tables but I knew I didn't want to have a buffet. We were going for a relaxed kind of feel so I didn't want a formal sit down five course meal, plus I was on a budget! When I was discussing my options with Jo from Kookas catering, she suggested noodle boxes! Filled with my choice of meal, I chose thai veggies and beef bourginon. With so many starters and then red velvet cupcakes for our dessert I think everyone was bursting! 

We went for a top cake with cupcakes for each guest. I love this idea because it saves alot of hassle, cutting individual portions, cutlery, etc etc. We chose a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Jo from Kookas made our cakes as well as catering the meals. I found the cup cake patty pans to match our overall theme. 

We had about 70 people attend. In a way I wish it was smaller. Some days I think I would have loved to elope or just have a few family & close friends.

From even before we were engaged I was planning on have Krysta Guille as our photographer. She is Albany's go to wedding photographer! I love her candid style and the way she captured the special moments of our day. Krysta went above, literally and beyond to get a good shot. As the memories fade, I cherish the pictures we have. 

Our overall theme like I said previously was kind of diy,rustic, woodland theme, with hessian and lace! We made countless jars with lace and hessian glued on for our flowers and fairy lights etc. Im so disappointed we didn't have our photographer in the evening! It looked like a magical little wonderland in our marquee.  

We stayed in Sengiggi beach in Lombok for our honeymoon. This was paradise! We swam and drank and ate so much.  I had an exfoliating massage and the next day we went snorkelling around the Gilli islands. I got the worst sunburn of my life that day including on my bum which was insanely painful on the plane ride home! I don't know what was worse, the burnt bum or the giardia I picked up and bought home with me! Blergh!!  

There are a few things I would change about my wedding day but looking back now in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter. I kinda wish I didn't spend so much money on it but at the time it was the right thing to do so I don't regret it! At the end of the day its all about making a commitment to my best friend in the world and thats all that matters! Oh and that I looked good doing it! Xx