Taking stock October

This post is inspired by Pip Lincolne's monthly taking stock updates.  I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and join in to share some of my recent thoughts! Today I had the weirdest feeling and it has been happening a bit recently. Its the odd feeling of starting to think about myself as just...me. Not with an attachment AKA my little sidekick Ol. I'm breastfeeding less so I suppose that makes a big difference to this increasing feeling of freedom. Throughout the day I put toys in the lounge room, hallway and Oli's room so he is often playing independently through the house and I have some more time to myself. (Some days!)  Back to the point of this post. I've chosen to do this to focus something on my blog just about me! Ok here goes! 



Making : Not really yet but I'm planning on making some pompom garlands for Oli's room. Im thinking of preparing it for his transition soon! Great, a post about me and the first thing is about Oli! Oh well...I tried! 
Cooking : Veggies & eggs are the thing I cook most often! Fresh eggs from our chookies and veggies because I pretty much have the diet of a 10 month old baby. Puree & mash anyone?!
Drinking : Tea! Of course, love my tea!
Reading: Bush Nurses, the most amazing book based in the Aussie outback!
Wanting: Health & happiness for my family. 
Looking: Good, trying to accept my 'post baby body' for what it is! Strong and amazing! 
Playing: Snap chat marathons with my sissy.
Deciding: On what to do next with my career...
Wishing: I had lots of money to finish off everything in my house, buy new clothes, a new car! Being greedy really.
Enjoying: Oli at the moment, hes so beautiful and interactive and family time. My family are the most important thing in the world to me! 
Waiting: For my engagement ring to be fixed! I'm so in love with it and feel naked without it on!
Liking: My front porch being built by Ian, lots of changes going on at our little house, so exciting.
Wondering: What I will do tomorrow, out for breakky or not?! 
Loving: The warm weather & being in my garden. 
Pondering: What my life is going to be like next year! Everyone says 'oh when hes a year old you could go back to work' Even I thought that...When hes a year old this that and the other. Hes still a baby! And I love being home. Im such a homebody and not so much a worker bee! 
Considering: Going vego, I don't really like meat that much. The taste and texture has been erking me a bit recently. However I don't like the thought of labels, oh yes Im vego but Im happy to eat roast duck when Im out! 
Watching: Not watching anything at the moment. Wishing I would get around to watching the last few episodes of Winners & Losers that I missed! 
Hoping: Oli sleeps through the night & wakes up at 730 in the morning instead of his usual 6-630! Haha wishful thinking
Marvelling: At spring and all of the beautiful gardens around my neighbourhood, sometimes I walk for every sleep Oli has during the day just to get out and admire all the houses around us. 
Needing: A new summer wardrobe! 
Smelling: My Hong Kong glasshouse candle! I burnt it CONSTANTLY! Insanely good. I love my house smelling nice, disguising the shitty nappies and waiting laundry. HAHA! 
Wearing: Pjs, always in pjs!
Following: The lives of all my beautiful friends through instagram. Love keeping an eye on what they are all up to. 
Noticing: The horrible things going on in the world. Banning tv in our house in the evenings has been the best thing I've ever done. 
Knowing: I'm going to stay up too late tonight and regret it in the morning.
Thinking: I should clean up my eating habits. I have been a good girl lately though!
Admiring: The mamas I have connected with through facebook since having Oli. In my mums groups & CF support group. True warriors & strong women all round. 
Sorting: Everything in my house needs to be sorted - Oli's room, the study, my walk in wardrobe! Just no time or motivation.
Buying: Food, its all I ever buy these days. Food shopping wooo yet I come home with so much food for Oli and not much for the adults...alas I eat baby food all day. 
Getting: Excited for next week & our girls night out
Bookmarking: Blogs that were in my group of Blog with Pip back in May. I didn't finish the course because my life was hectic so its nice to go back and explore. 
Disliking: The news that one of our friends kids is not well. 
Opening: Notifications, always. I comment on too much stuff so every.single.time someone comments I keep getting notified! I know I can turn it off but I'm too intruiged at other peoples conversations obviously. 
Giggling: At silly messages Ian & I send to each other when he's at work
Feeling: Tired but happy I'm back blogging. 
On frozen mango. DEVINE
Coveting: Some pink nike airmax 90s...and a bike seat for Oli thats positioned on the front of my bike not the back.
Helping: Today I was helping Ian with our little front yard. Throwing bricks around and helping with cementing the stumps. If felt like this time last year. Except I kept running back in the house to Olis every cry! Argh, so difficult these days. 
Hearing: The train, cars & planes. Knowing that I'm safe in my little house not far off bed & Oli sleeping soundly. 

Hope you enjoyed the inner workings of my mind! I feel like Nina some days, and I'm sure if you could hear my every thought you would think I was an absolute nutter just like Nina! I'm just missing the insanely good wardrobe and roller coaster love life. I do have the ability to deliver babies now that Im a midwife! Ha! and the crazy family. Neens and I have a lot in common! Enjoy some of my recent photos of our crazy, fun, fast paced lives. Xx