Extending our family after Oli's CF diagnosis

Ian and I have always wanted a big family. We both come from bigger families and treasure our relationships with all of our siblings. Even from when we were young and texting each other all through the days and late into the night! We would talk about getting married, having a little house on the beach and a few kids running around. It was always our dream. 

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Our story

In April of 2013 my life changed forever. I sat in the beautiful bathroom of a hotel in Singapore and held in my hands a stick that said the word pregnant. Around my feet lay 15 other pregnancy tests that I had sent Ian out to buy on the off chance my eyes were playing tricks on me. I raced out to him with a huge smile on my face. We were going to be parents!

The next morning at breakfast we looked a funny pair with sheepish smiles and the conversation ranging from from ‘oh my god’ to ‘we are screwed’ 

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Bronchoscopy Number 2

We had Oli's second bronchoscopy and CT scan last week. This is where he is put to sleep and a camera goes down into his airways and looks into his lungs for any damage. The scan is also used as an assessment of his lung health. To say I was nervous about it probably an understatement. Given the experience of his last bronch I was slightly petrified! Oli was about four months old last time, only a few kilos and still having significant issues with breastfeeding & weight gain. After the procedure Oli woke up screaming, and continued to scream for the next few hours. He didn't want a thing to do with me, definitely not interested in having a breastfeed! The apnoeas ( episodes where he stopped breathing) he had throughout the procedure meant we had to stay all day and were confined to a tiny corner of a shared room. Understand why I was reluctant? Well I'm so happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by this time round. 

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